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Dr. Truls Hebrant



  • Represented investment brokerage companies from across Germany defending investor claims (ship funds) worth 5.5 million euros,

  • Represented a northern German bank defending investor claims,

  • Represented Gudrun Sjödén on an investment in Gudrun Sjödén Group AB made by Swedish company Ratos AB,

  • Represented wind power project companies in Berlin and Brandenburg on a range of legal disputes,

  • Representation on the sale of wind power project companies,

  • Represented Sjödén Holding AB during the acquisition of a 50% stake in the German company Gudrun Sjödén GmbH,

  • Represented a joint venture in the wind power industry asserting claims for compensation against a former managing director,

  • Represented a Maltese property fund asserting claims for compensation against a number of consulting firms,

  • Represented an Indian investor on the acquisition of an insolvent company in Berlin,

  • Represented Swedish companies on legal disputes in Germany.

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