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Jürgen Busch



  • Represented stock listed Swedish AcuCort AB in connection with a license agreement with Lohmann Therapiesysteme AG

  • Represented stock listed Swedish HMS Networks AB on the acquisition of WEBfactory GmbH

  • Represented Gerard de Geer and Claes Nordenhake on the sale of their gallery building to the Berghof Foundation

  • Represented minority shareholders of ND PressTec GmbH during the sale of their shares to the Norwegian Nammo Group

  • Represented Gudrin Sjödén during the acquisition of a 50% stake in the German company Gudrun Sjödén GmbH as well as the following investment in Gudrun Sjödén Group AB made by Swedish company Ratos AB

  • Internal investigations at companies during competition proceedings conducted by the European Commission (truck cartel) and the German Federal Cartel Office (sleeper cartel), and representation to the Federal Cartel Office

  • Represented Swedish company Ratos AB towards the Federal Cartel Office on the acquisition of several brands of spirits from Pernod Ricard (Akvavit case)

  • Represented Deutsche Bahn AG on several tenders for transport projects in Sweden and on concluding a cooperation agreement with the Swedish state-owned train operator SJ

  • Advised a Scandinavian supplier of healthcare products and services on establishing a network of dialysis clinics in the form of medical care centers

  • Represented a Norwegian/Swedish/Finnish state-owned company on the acquisition of a supplier in Germany together with the management

  • Represented a Norwegian investor on the acquisition of a property portfolio comprising 1,600 residential units in Germany

  • Represented AB Volvo on the Italian SDF Group’s acquisition of a stake in Deutz AG

  • Represented the Swedish wine and spirit monopoly Vin&Sprit AB on the formation of the joint venture Maxxium for distribution of spirits in Germany

  • Well over 100 merger control proceedings at the German Federal Cartel Office

  • Numerous privatisations of formerly nationalised enterprises for the German Privatisation Agency (Treuhandanstalt).

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