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Real estate law advises on all aspects of real estate law. Our partners in this field are highly experienced professionals.

Advisory specialisms:

  • Acquisitions/disposals of real estate portfolios and single properties, including due diligence, contract preparation and negotiation (share and asset deals), and completion: we provide full assistance in legal evaluation and execution of transactions relating to real estate portfolios and single properties. With many years of transaction experience, we support you – tailored to your needs – on due diligence, in preparing and negotiating acquisition/sales contracts, and in completing the transaction. We work with a number of notaries in German and can thus offer you a single-source solution.

  • Negotiation and review of commercial and private lease agreements:The legally compliant negotiation of lease agreements requires extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Our team has been advising a wide range of companies on all matters relating to commercial leases for many years and has particular experience with shopping centres, office premises, and senior nursing homes. We provide support to both landlords and tenants in preparations, checks, and negotiations.

  • Establishment and purchase/sale of residential real estate: we can support you on all issues relating to residential real estate, from the sub-division of land to the purchase or sale of one of more residential properties.

  • Advice on developer contracts: we can advise you on preparing a developer contract from a corporate perspective and on checking and negotiating a developer contract from a buyer perspective.

  • Legal assertion of property-related claims: legal disputes frequently arise in connection with lease agreements, in particular running costs and service charges, and in connection with defects. We provide full assistance in asserting and protecting your rights.


Your contacts in property law are

Dr. Jan Valentin Deichsel , Alexander von Kleist  and Jürgen Busch.

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