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Mergers & Acquisitions advises on all aspects of mergers & acquisitions. Our partners in this field have long-standing experience arising from countless transactions of all sizes.

  • Type of transaction: our expertise covers mergers, acquisitions and disposals of companies in the form of both share deals and asset deals. We have experience in transferring both entire companies and minority or majority interests, as well as in establishing joint ventures, which require additional agreements between the parties.

  • The transaction procedure: our work covers everything from the signing of a non-disclosure agreement to the signing of an exclusivity agreement or letter of intent, legal review of the target company as part of a due diligence exercise – for a seller also with preparation of the necessary documentation in a virtual data room, as necessary in association with external service providers – to preparation of a purchase agreement and assistance on subsequent contract negotiations, to signing of the purchase agreement, as necessary with notarisation and subsequent execution of the purchase agreement upon fulfilment of any outstanding conditions precedent. Where a bidding process is run instead of direct negotiations between the parties, further aspects such as submission of an indicative offer or a later binding offer must often be considered.

  • Project management: also of considerable importance in transactions is assuring efficient project management and optimum cooperation among the various advisers in accordance with our clients’ expectations. We therefore always place great emphasis on good, direct communication with internal project teams and financial/tax advisers. Especially in the event of bidding processes, additional transaction consultants are usually involved on both sides.

  • Cooperation: whenever transactions require special legal expertise outside our core areas of work or involve foreign subsidiaries, we are in a position to draw on an extensive network of specialists and colleagues abroad who can be involved as required. We have also worked successfully with other law firms in our network to ensure that our clients are given the very best advice.


Your contacts for M&A are


Jürgen Busch , Dr. Truls Hebrant and Dr. Jan-Valentin Deichsel.

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