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Conflict resolution, court and arbitration proceedings

We don’t seek out conflicts, but we also don’t avoid them – on the contrary,  whenever appropriate and necessary, we fight your dispute for you, out of court, in state courts, or at arbitration tribunals.

We always see legal proceedings as the strategic means to help achieve an overriding objective. You need to take action yourself if you’re the plaintiff, or respond appropriately to an attack as the defendant. As a rule, the right strategy is the key to successful litigation. We, as your Attorneys-at-Law, can employ a range of methods to influence the course and outcome of a dispute. Litigation and arbitration rules provide a good set of tools for this purpose, but what really counts is knowing the right tool and deploying it at the right moment. We firmly believe that any legal proceedings simply need to be correctly “managed” to bring about the best possible outcome. And this is what separates ordinary litigation from successful, targeted conflict resolution. We’ll be there to act as your partner in such cases.

Your contact for litigation matters is Dr. Truls Hebrant

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