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Foreign investment in Germany

Not least because of our diverse backgrounds, we’ve always worked across borders and cultures. We naturally have a strong affinity towards the Nordic countries as well as to other foreign countries inside as well as outside of the EU, where many of our clients seek our legal advice. In routinely disentangling the complexity of the German legal system for these clients, we’ve since developed a particular expertise that we share with our international clients all around the world. We have an eye for what makes Germany different and what makes German legal reality special and unique.

We are also in a position to give our international clients a foothold to enter foreign jurisdictions outside of Germany. Here, too, our expertise and our contact network in Sweden and other Nordic countries is of great assistance. We also work around the world with international and regional law firms and know how to open the right doors at the right time. One of our lawyers, Dr. Jan Valentin Deichsel, worked for an international law-firm in Vietnam for several years and thus provides specific knowledge and guidance on Vietnam as well as other Asian countries.

Your contacts for investment matters are

Jürgen Busch, Dr. Jan Valentin Deichsel , Dr. Truls Hebrant,  Alexander von Kleist and Ulf Lohrum .

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