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Employment law advises on all aspects of individual and collective employment law. Our consultant in this field, Of-Counsel Ulf Lohrum, partner at Weiss Lohrum Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten, has over 12 years of professional experience in employment law.

Advisory specialisms:

  • Contract drafting: we can help you to draft legally compliant service and employment contracts and tailor them to meet a position’s specific needs and requirements. Our experience shows that the right contractual basis can help to ensure a successful working relationship and avoid disputes in the event of departure.

  • Terminations: German employment law makes it harder for employers to terminate employment relationships than in almost any other legal system within or outside Europe. All conditions for termination must be met prior to issuing a notice of termination. We can help you to meet the formal and substantive conditions for successfully enforcing a notice of termination. Our objective is to minimise the risk of high severance payments.

  • Labour Management Regulations: for many employers, the formation of a works council and the obligations associated with it are one of the most taxing aspects of German employment law. We can show you whether and how this worry is justified, help you to meet the formal requirements of industrial relations law, and provide assistance in finding a way to deal constructively with the works council.

  • Restructuring processes and other organisational changes: in a company with a works council, matters such as the closure of an operation, the relocation of a production facility, or the introduction of new working methods frequently count as organisational changes as understood by industrial relations law. Negotiations with the works council are required in such cases, and the issue of time is often of the essence. We can help you to achieve your company’s objectives as scheduled in constructive negotiations with the works council.

  • Mergers and acquisitions: many companies’ successes are not purely down to organic growth but frequently also related to the strategic acquisition or disposal of companies or parts of companies. In such cases, a buyer quickly becomes the employer of many people in unfamiliar positions, while a seller may be the potential contact person for existing liabilities under employment law. We can help you to better assess the risks (e.g. as part of a due diligence exercise) and ensure legal compliance at an early stage.


Your contacts for employment law are

Ulf Christoph Lohrum and Dr. Truls Hebrant.

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