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Corporate and contract law advises on all aspects of corporate and contract law. Our partners in this field are highly experienced professionals. 

Advisory specialisms:

  • Company formations: we can advise you on ensuring that your company is incorporated properly and help to establish German partnerships or limited companies with solutions tailored to your company and requirements.

  • General meetings: we can advise you on preparing and holding general meetings in compliance with the law. Despite any differences of opinion that may arise, we help to ensure a clear formulation of objectives at general meetings in the form of correct resolutions by analysing the formal and substantive requirements for the resolutions to be passed and supporting you – wherever necessary – in negotiations.

  • Company disputes: our team has a great deal of experience in handling company disputes. Due to a range of potentially conflicting interests, differences of opinion can never be fully ruled out within a multiple-partner company. We help you to assert your rights and interests and are available if and when another partner attempts to dispute these rights. In the process, we aim to achieve amicable out-of-court solutions. If, however, interests dictate otherwise, we are also in a position to assert our clients’ interests in a court of general jurisdiction or arbitration.

  • Acquisitions and conversions: We can advise you on company acquisitions, disposals (see M&A ), and conversions.

  • Advice on formulating, handling, and cancelling of sales contracts: Sales contracts (supply contracts, distributor contracts, agents, etc.) are the cornerstone of your company’s success in the world of business. We ensure that your interests are protected at every stage – from contract inception and negotiation to performance and, in particular, termination. German case law is largely minded to adjudicate in favour of compensation claims, also outside of traditional commercial agency contracts. If necessary, we can support you in legally asserting your claims.

  • Creating and checking general terms and conditions of business: general terms and conditions of business are essential to modern commerce – both in traditional sales and online. We can support you in drawing up legally effective general terms and conditions of business for your company.

  • Contract drafting: we can also help you with the contractual implementation of your projects and advise on which particular contracts are necessary. Should contractual disputes arise, we support you both in out-of-court negotiations and legally asserting and protecting your interests.


Your contacts for company and contract law are


Jürgen Busch, Dr. Jan Valentin Deichsel, Dr. Truls Hebrant  and Alexander von Kleist.

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